Review #2: Dovetail

6 November 2015

It was a bloody awful 24 hours since that excellent meal at Toups’ Meatery. Slept badly, woke up way early. There was confusion with no cabs downstairs, and finally got one. All okay at airport with bag drop and security (I think too many stupid people are getting TSA PreCheck tho, it’s getting slower thanks to idiots not understanding how it works…), but a ground stop thanks to weather in Atlanta.

After a delay we got to ATL and of course it’s chaos at the terminal trying to get out. More slow trains, more blocked escalators — I forgot people here do NOT walk and don’t understand the “stand on the right” thing… I totally hate this airport… Then there was chaos at the car rental desk. Then chaos when I went to get my car when my rental order “disappeared” — which took more time to sort. By the time I got out of ATL I was over 2 hours late…

I had a few stops to make before I was gonna head back to Macon. The day just kept going sidewards when the well-regarded BBQ shack in central Georgia (I shan’t name and shame…) ran out of ribs in early afternoon and I left with a simple boiled hot dog… But I got to Macon and checked in to a place where my upstairs neighbour was STOMPING around all day (and night). Ugh…what a shitty day…

I made my way downtown to Dovetail. I discovered the place in March during a pass-through and fell in love with the restaurant, which is why I took this detour. I got there early and it was already hopping. I asked if it was better if I sat at a table because of the bar being too busy but they said better for me to sit at the bar. Oookay…

I chilled out in my “usual” corner seat and enjoyed a cocktail and chatting with some staff. They do have some of the friendliest staff in the country, and the bartenders are top rate. It’s seriously worth it to run out to Macon for food here at Dovetail. Even the drinks are worth it.

I was hungry as all I had was a flimsy boiled plain hot dog for lunch from the unnamed place in Americus, so I decided to order big. I ordered 2 starters last time and as good as they were I didn’t want to repeat, so I went with 2 main courses…

I enjoyed another cocktail from the excellent bartenders when the first item appeared, the shrimp and grits.


Very nice, spicy and strong. Worked perfectly with the paired cocktail, which had a wonderful smokey feel. The shrimp were meaty and flavourful, the corn adding a nice sweet dimension to it. The spicy sauce really rocked the humble grits, which backed up the dish perfectly.

I am constantly reminded of why I fell in love with this place. It was getting really busy now at the bar, and I was starting to regret not taking a table. But then my focus went back to the food, and the “2nd main” dish appeared…


Wow. This was the rabbit and pimento risotto. The flavours were extremely deep and strong, no pulling back here. In addition, a good portion of crispy brussels sprouts (lovely) and pork belly. This was a combination of many of my favourite things. Totally awesome. I would have enjoyed it more if the bar hadn’t become 2-deep and people pulling up chairs to service (not for seating) areas just to drink a Bud Light…

In fact, it got a little chaotic and service slowed to a crawl. I know it’s a Friday night, which is why I suggested a table and asked a second time later, but it’s too late now. It’s now becoming a bit uncomfortable being a traffic warden directing people around to who had which seat and who wanted to squeeze in to order. I really hate eating at a bar when it’s 2-deep or more…

As much as I loved this place and the food, I was done. Skipped the dessert and after-dinner drink and just settled up and headed out. The vultures jumped on my seat within a second…

When we still had my beloved Elettaria I always hated eating at my own bar when it got like that. Odd feeling. Diners don’t like folks reaching over them to get drinks; drinkers don’t like a diner hogging the bar space. It’s never a happy coexistance. So I made my leave. I don’t blame this place for being busy, which is great for them, but for me it just didn’t allow me to chill. So time to go.

I think next time I come I will take a cab and come on a Tuesday or something…and yes, I will be back. Macon’s way out of the way for me, but the food, drinks, and wonderful staff will get me to take these hour-long detours any time I am in Atlanta.

543 Cherry Street
Macon, Georgia


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