Review: Toups’ Meatery

5 November 2015

It was a long, long day. I had to make stops in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi before I made it back to Louisiana. Driving on US-90 a good part of the way, just coasting along the Gulf Coast, was a treat. Such a beautiful part of the country. Got back to New Orleans middle of the afternoon just in time to return my car, and hop on a streetcar for my hotel.

I chilled out, re-packed all my stuff and got ready to head back out on the ever-so-slow streetcar for the very long trek out towards City Park for dinner at Toups’ Meatery. Now I’m not all that on “James Beard-y” places (my regular readers know my issues with these places…), but the write-ups I’ve seen for this place, alongside the menu, intrigued me.

I got there after the 45-minute ride (which included a bus breaking down on the tracks, the driver going across the street to grab food, etc…oh NOLA…) and happily took a seat at the bar. Enjoyed some cocktails as I was not driving so… And I looked over the menu and that was fabulous looking (as was the bartender…) and I ordered.

I skipped lunch again today so was hungry, so I decided to go full out…and the starter showed it…


This was the “Meatery Board” — their version of a charcuterie board. Wow, pretty amazing innit? Plus a bucket of deep-fried scratchins that are just beyond addictive… The boudin ball was nice, as were all the smoked meats and pickled veggies. But the star was certainly the sausage and the pate with sweetbread. Wow, this is probably the best charcuterie board of the year…

That was a lot of food! I switched over to wine for the main (yes, another dish!) as the choices were all fabulous but I had to choose something lighter after that amazing “Meatery Board” right? Yep, and it soon arrived…


Wow, that was nice, Gulf seafood couvillion. Fabulous stuff, with excellent fish and mostly those awesome head-on shrimp. The heads were excellent. Lovely flavours here. Nice!

I relaxed with a drink and timed it with the streetcar. I thanked the staff (especially that nice bartender) and headed out…but apparently they suspended the line with no warning… So I ended up back inside in 10 minutes and asked for a cab — and had a last glass of wine before heading out.

Okay, NOLA, you rescued your rep in my eyes tonight. Bayona was good, but this was just excellent. This place is worth the trek, folks.

Now for some sleep, as I have a 7am flight…

Toups’ Meatery
845 North Carrollton Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana


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