Review: Bayona

2 November 2015

After a pretty awful first day back in NOLA I tried to put it behind me. Spent a bit of time on this All Souls Day wandering Metairie Cemetery to clear my head. No lunch, just wasn’t in the mood. But definitely dinner.

I headed to the legendary Bayona in the French Quarter for dinner. I’ve not been back here in over a decade, and was hoping for another tried-and-true place to come through for dinner. I ordered a cocktail as I looked through the menu. Voila…


A nice house negroni and some pickled treats. The garlic was awesome. I placed my order and things began to move. After a short time my starter arrived.


A nice start, a healthy amount of crab with excellent broth. The pea shoots were a special treat, sweeter than molassas. A nice opening. Then the mid-course, one of the staples of Susan Spicer’s menu — the cream of garlic soup.


Honestly it was much milder than I remembered…almost too mild. Sigh, maybe it’s due to the “not very sophisticated” tourists that come to this place in droves. I heard such crazy comments like “fish has skin?” and “I thought sweetbreads were brain” amongst the best of the overheard stuff… Sigh…I feel for this kitchen and FoH team…

I relaxed after the soup, enjoyed a bit more wine, before the main course arrived.


Oh, this was an excellent duck. Cooked perfectly, the meat was full of flavour. And more pea shoots! Yum! Fabulous dish!

I usually wouldn’t do dessert after so much food but I went for it as one item looked quite interesting — the olive oil cake.


This was pretty good, with a nice gelato on top. I really like the flavour of the olive oil in this. Excellent!

A nice after dinner drink and I headed out. Bayona has come through, and it’s the established place serving up the best stuff once again. Fabulous food, a nice way to finish this brief visit to NOLA.

Off to Mississippi via Acadiana tomorrow…

430 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana

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