A Dreary Day in NOLA — and End of an Era…

1 November 2015

I arrived into New Orleans on a rather dreary and wet All Saints Day. The people were restless, as there was a crazy game at the Superdome and a big music festival was cancelled due to the weather. But nevertheless I am glad to be back, it’s been too long.

Whenever I am back in a city with a rich food tradition I always have the big internal debate — go tried-and-true places to enjoy my favourites, or try something new that’s got a lot of buzz? Well on day 1 back in NOLA I did both. And it had different results…

I ran out to Drago’s at the Hilton. It’s not the original location (which shuts on Sundays), but it’s got the same special item that I just love to death. So with some Guinness soon it appeared in front of me at the bar…


Mmmm, these oysters are just fantastic. Should have asked for more bread tho, there was so much to wipe up! Juicy and tasty, this is one of the treats NOLA never fails me with. Excellent. Watched the rest of the game there with the rowdy crowd and took off before they got slammed post-game.

I needed a nap after all that booze — I was doing Mel’s version of boilermakers by then, Basil Hayden and Guinness… Several rounds of both and missing so much sleep the last few days? I needed it. When I woke up all hell broke loose. First, a rather unpleasant text from my doctor. You know it can’t be good news if it’s coming on a Sunday… Then I got into a dispute with some people over a project and we decided to just wrap it up after next week. As this is my last consulting gig, this means I am unemployed…or retired, for good.

The end of a 20+ year career came very anti-climactic on Skype sitting in a hotel room on Canal Street…

So that night I headed out to one of the buzzy restaurants, trying to forget this utterly stupid late afternoon. I caught the bus (yes) and headed to La Petite Grocery in the Garden District. Sat down and relaxed with a cocktail that was bit too sweet (even though they said this was the least sweet of their house cocktails). Oh well, I ordered and chilled out…

My starter soon arrived, and I was a little deflated…


This was the ricotta dumplings. Honestly it was rather boring. I wanted a stronger flavoured starter, especially with the hen-of-the-woods and base. Oh well… Then the main course…


Hmmm… Pork loin, but looking like a cajun version of a tonkatsu — which it basically was. It was pretty uneventful to be honest, and it didn’t really alleviate my concerns about flash-in-the-pants places here. Apologies for the bad photo, but my phone’s focus refuse to work with this odd dish…

This was really a drab evening. I just drank more and cabbed it back and tried not to think about this forgettable day. Oh, not a great way to return to a town I really like…

Drago’s (at the Hilton Riverside)
2 Poydras Street

La Petite Grocery
4238 Magazine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana


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