BBQ Quest Part 1 — the Best BBQ in the DC-Baltimore Area is Near BWI?

29 October 2015

I was heading on a quickly-planned trip that revolved around some work stuff that would bring me through the South, but before then I had two quick early stops — Baltimore (to fly out) and Chicago (for a quick stop). This is part one of the saga — Maryland.

My flight out of Baltimore was extremely early, so I stayed overnight near the airport. I also managed to grab some BBQ from the best place between Baltimore and DC, Abrams BBQ. I was ravenous as I had not eaten all day, and grabbed the stuff to go from the excellent crew running this place just east of BWI Airport. I got back and opened up the first item, the wings…


Excellent, rubbed with a rub much like Old Bay — a very Baltimore thing to do. Excellent. Fabulous greens with plenty of ham hock, and a solid potato salad with plenty of dill. Excellent start — and I saved some of this for later. I wanted to get to the main item, a special for the day — rib tips.


They didn’t chop it but that’s fine. It was fabulous, with strong smoke and the sauce tasted beautifully of peach — the specialty of the house. Even the beans had peach, which was fantastic. Even the mac & cheese was done very well.

Abrams BBQ is definitely an excellent place for both ribs and wings — and some fabulous sides. Seriously good, probably the best BBQ in the DC-Baltimore area.

Abrams BBQ
550 Crain Highway North
Glen Burnie, Maryland


One thought on “BBQ Quest Part 1 — the Best BBQ in the DC-Baltimore Area is Near BWI?

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