Review: Krystal Mozaika Bistro

11 October 2015

From Paris I made my way to Prague — another town that I’ve not been for ages. The last time I was here was nearly a decade ago, and I miss it. Such a lovely town, especially when not indundated by tourists… Plus, I get to catch up with several dear friends whom I’ve not seen for many years.

The first two nights in Prague were a bit of a blur that involved great times catching up with the aforementioned friends, laced with far too much booze. It was the weekend, so I tried to take it a bit easy also. It was a good weekend, but it was catching up with me. Sunday I took it easy with a hike up to Vyšehrad. That helped the hangover… What didn’t help was having some burčák and my aching stomach… But visited the graves of many, including the great Bedřich Smetana and Antonín Dvořák.

It was a quiet evening and I had an early flight out back to Warsaw in the morning, so I didn’t feel like venturing too far for dinner. Didn’t feel like going into the Old Town, so stuck around the Karlín area where I was staying and chilled out. I had visited a few of the pubs that were open in the area earlier in the afternoon, but dinner was dinner. I found a place that seemed nice enough, Krystal Mozaika Bistro.

The menu looked interesting and there were a few other diners on a late Sunday evening, so I went in. Ordered and chilled out with some local wine (not burčák, thank you…). Then the first course arrived.

beef noodle soup

A simple beef noodle soup, nothing special, but nice on a night that was touching freezing. I was happily walking around without a coat (didn’t bring one on this trip) as I love the cold, but a soup was nice on such a night. Then the main course, and I smiled when this was served.

braised tongue

Braised tongue. Looked excellent. In fact, cooked well, but way salty. That I blame the braising base-turned-gravy. The tongue itself was tender and beautiful, so by wiping away some of the salty gravy (which worked well with the voluminous potato), it was excellent. So some self re-arranging, this was an excellent dish. I enjoyed it, nice and hearty and simple.

I finished with a coffee and headed out. I had to go back to pack and do some paperwork and figure out my 36 hours in Warsaw before heading back across the Atlantic, so it was a quiet night. And frankly, I needed the rest — sleep, and no booze. Oh Prague, I missed you. I need to come back again, and soon…

Krystal Mozaika Bistro
Sokolovská 101/99
Praha, Česko


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