Review: Coppa

21 July 2015

I left Milwaukee on a very early morning flight with a slight headache but with still a full belly after last night’s meat-feast (and copious amounts of wine) at Ward’s House of Prime. I got to Boston just to see someone try to walk off with my luggage…ugh, I hate travelling in the summer…

After running around in town in the late afternoon, I was soaked from the ugly humidity. I dropped into a posh hotel bar to cool off with a pair of martinis before I made my way to one of the best eateries in Beantown, the much-loved neighbourhood trattoria Coppa. Only prob is that it’s not that close to any T stations, meaning more walking in this ugly humidity. I don’t mind long walks but when it’s humid and my clothes are just utterly soaked…

I got to Coppa at an early hour and chilled out with another cocktail. This was a cool place, and the bar is a perfect place to enjoy both the excellent drinks and food at this place. I’ve always liked food in the Boston area, my favourite being the excellent Craigie on Main by the fabulous Tony Maws (who used to cook with my former chef years ago). But, just like skipping the amazing L’Etoile in Madison, this trip was to check out new places, and this was top of the list in Beantown.

I ordered some snacks and enjoyed more drinks. Then it began, first with the marinated mushrooms…


A nice snack, especially for drinking, a change from the usual olives. Then the panini…


These were nice, loaded with sea urchin and some tongue (I suspect corned). Excellent, especially since I needed some substance in my stomach having not eaten since last night’s giant dinner. And I’ve been drinking a bit too much and too fast, having sweated like a madman for hours… In fact, unfortunately I ended up drinking way too much…

Nevertheless, it was fun. Next up was a cool little starter, the roasted pig bones.


Basically a cute version of a BBQ, these were tasty though perhaps a little too sticky for my hands. Good nevertheless. Then finally my main arrived, a beautiful plate of pasta.


An excellent ink capellini with cockles. Flavourful, this was done perfectly. Good pasta, nice bivalves that really contributed to the entire flavour. Solid but simple stuff, excellent.

By now I was rather tipsy and didn’t want to face the humidity again, so I got a cab and drank even more before I headed back to my hotel. It’s nights like this that makes me love Boston so much. But with a very early morning tomorrow, I know I’ll be facing it with a nasty hangover…oh, the price I pay for fun and sloppy nights…

253 Shawmut Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts


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