Review: Ortanique

1 July 2015

I had recovered from the wee dodgy dinner at La Rosa the night before…ugh, perhaps it’s time to switch island groups for my lunch. I had a busy morning, including quite a bit of walking around in the sun and running errands fighting local traffic (whilst avoiding the stupid toll roads that permeate this town). I then made my way to lunch.

Today’s lunch was at Ortanique, a Caribbean-influenced eatery in the heart of Coral Gables. I had to be in the area anyway, so this worked out perfectly. It was already blazing hot and having parked about 4 blocks away I was wee sweaty once I got to the restaurant. I cooled off with a lot of water and a nice cocktail…

I perused the lunch menu and it looked fabulous. I ordered and chilled, enjoying the quiet atmosphere of this early lunch hour. Soon my starter arrived, the “Caicos” style conch and corn fritters.

conch fritters

Mmm, these were delicious, I love conch. These were fried up perfectly with some sweet kernels of golden corn and other goodies. One of these perfect snacks I can eat all day! Excellent! I relaxed with some wine, enjoying this meal. Those were so good… Then my main came and…oh my…

WI bouillabaisse

This was HUGE for lunch, what they called the West Indian style bouillabaisse. This was a jumbo plate of scallops, mussels, clams, shrimp, grouper and salmon. It was like everything on this dish…wow. They tasted excellent, with just enough flavour from the broth. Not overwhelming, worked perfectly with the dollop of rice. An excellent, if not wee large lunch dish!

I headed out in the blazing sun very happy. Aside from Cuban, the other cuisine I love to do in South Florida is Caribbean; not just specifically Jamaican or Puerto Rican, but a more varied style too. And Ortanique did a great job of it, albeit in a bit of a toned-down hodge-podge approach. Very much recommended, especially if you are hungry for seafood!

278 Miracle Mile
Coral Gables, Florida


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