Review: La Rosa

30 June 2015

No trip to South Florida would be right without some fine Cuban cuisine. I had planned to have much more of it during my short trip to Miami, but thanks to Allegiant Air’s disastrous delays I lost a lot of time. So instead of doing a few lunches, I decided to drop by the venerable La Rosa for dinner.

La Rosa is an unpretentious, old school place that brings in old-timers, exiles celebrating, and many tourists. Yeah, it’s a bit of a trap, but it’s got a large and varied menu, which is why I decided on it. It was a bit of a traffic nightmare getting there trying to avoid the plethora of ridiculous toll roads all over Miami, and of course parking was made far more difficult by several police officers that decided to block nearly the whole parking lot to give one guy a citation…

In any case I entered and it was a loud atmosphere. Oddly, not many were watching the Copa America semi-finals which was on the TV (I was), but were either chatting loudly about inane stuff (tourists) and celebrating various events (locals). I ordered my dinner from a waiter that seemed to have been there forever. My wine arrived and I tried to relax and watch some footie, despite the idiotic things said on the table nearby that was borderline racist against hispanics (why would you say things like this in a Cuban restaurant, Mr Tourist from California?!)…

Everyone turned towards my table when my starter arrived, which was a special of the day — the flaming chorizo and prawns.


Nice resentation, and you can really smell the liquor here. But it was pretty bland, and the sausage didn’t cook very well… Too much of a show, too little proper execution. I waited for my main. I was a little ticked that they ran out of all the good daily specials I wanted to try, but settled with this.

Picadillo a la criolla

Wow, this is huge, a heaping plate of picadillo a la criolla. Based on ground beef, this was a hearty dish that needed something to soak up the grease. Of course, the waiter brought out the wrong sides, but it worked okay; I had ordered some rice but they brought plantains. No biggie, I love plantains and was gonna get some for dessert, so they saved me the trouble. But this was a heavy dish. Nothing special, very typical, sadly. I wish I had the chance to try the day’s specials like the trotter stew…

Oh well. I headed out and made the long drive back to my hotel downtown. Not sure if it was related, but my stomach really rebelled from this dinner. I suspect it was the under-cooked starter… Sigh…

La Rosa
4041 NW 7th Street
Miami, Florida


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