Review: Farmhouse

11 June 2015

I was still relishing in the awesome lunch (those gizzards!) at Stroud’s on this final day of this long trip. Nearing the end, I was hoping for a fine meal to conclude this exhausting trek, and tonight’s choice was Farmhouse. I heard good things about this place, and when I made my trip plans this was actually the place I prioritised.

I headed out from my KCKS hotel and headed to the construction mess known as downtown KCMO. Found Farmhouse and walked in, and ordered a cocktail as I looked at the menu. I noticed it was pretty warm inside, which was not great considering how hot it was today. I ordered my dinner and asked them about the heat. Then they tell me the AC system went down today. Oh, great… You’ll see why I shot myself in the food in a few paragraphs…

I tried cooling off with the cocktail for a bit before my starter arrived, a plate of deviled eggs.

1-deviled eggs

Nothing special, a little bland to be honest — especially compared to the ones I had at Extra Virgin a few nights ago. Still, that one was soaking in unnecessary oil. Neither beat the fabulous ones I had in Macon, Georgia a few months ago at Dovetail tho… And what’s with the odd number? A missing hemisphere somewhere? And before I got these done the next item arrived.

2-duck soup

Yeah, I ordered this before I realised there was no AC. Oh well, sweat it out, right? This duck soup was okay, though a little thin and bland. I understand how hard it is to balance richness against thinness for duck soup, so not gonna sweat it (yeah, bad pun). It did its job.

But at this point I got annoyed at the service. Before I got my wine, and while I was still working on the soup, they brought my main course out and left it on the side. Not happy about this at all…

3-hanger steak

This main was listed as “365-day-aged” hanger steak… The beef ain’t bad, but it really didn’t need the lobs of butter as it has enough of its own flavour. And frankly, half of the plate was actually fries, so the amount of meat was actually limited. Good meat, disappointing plate. Looks like something you get in a hotel room service…

I felt so rushed despite the restaurant being half-empty so I decided to rush out after a quick coffee. A bit disappointed, as this was the place I really hoped for a great meal. None of the dishes came close to blowing me away, and the whole rush thing was not a nice way to have my last meal on this trip. And it really was not much food, as I don’t ever eat much fries (I do not like fries). Luckily I have a tub of gizzards leftover from lunch today back at the hotel!

Well, the trip’s coming to an end. I’m knackered. The 7 flights in 12 days didn’t help, visiting all 4 timezones in the continental United States, from California to Nevada to Washington to Idaho to Kansas to Missouri. Home in the morning, and I dread to think how much weight I put on. And worse, another torture session courtesy of Southwest Airlines

300 Delaware Street
Kansas City, Missouri


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