Review: Stroud’s (Fairway)

10 June 2015

I’ve written about the excellent ribs I’ve had on this trip, especially the first two days I had in Kansas and the Kansas City area. But for lunch on the third and last day, I chose something pluckier — chicken. And everyone knows when you say chicken in Kansas City you are talking about Stroud’s.

I was near Overland Park on this very hot day and decided to go to the location in Fairway, Kansas — as it was a tad closer. Got there, and thank goodness the AC was working inside. Crazy hot out there… I relaxed at the bar with a beer and ordered my food. This should be pretty damn good.

I chilled out for a bit before my starter arrived…


Oh. My. Goodness. These smelled heavenly and tasted heavenly. What are they? Gizzards! Fried chicken gizzards! These are some of the best tasting things I’ve had in ages, beautiful flavour with the texture that only gizzards give. Wonderful! This was a huge ol’ plate though, and I ended up taking half of it with me. I did manage to eat half the plate though!

Imagine if that was the chicken liver plate — now that would have given anyone gout! I didn’t have much time to breath before my main course came, which was ironically more modest than the starter.

chicken - 01

It was a 2-piece lunch meal. The chicken was good, but frankly the gizzards spoiled me with the texture. These pieces were extremely juicy and cooked perfectly. I was told that the AC in the kitchen, where they pan-fry all their birds, has not worked in weeks! Holy crap, I feel bad for the kitchen staff if it’s already horribly hot outside!

The beans were good as was the mash with the really good gravy, but I finished the pieces and about half of the sides before I was defeated. But it don’t end there, as Stroud’s is as famous for chicken as they are for this to close things out…

cinnamon roll

Oh my, what a treat, a wonderful cinnamon roll. What a lovely dessert, better than 99% of the dessert courses I’ve had this year. This was worth a trip to Kansas City alone!

I took the rest of the gizzards for a snack later (and they kept very well!) and I headed on out, suddenly needing a big ol’ nap… Oh, this was excellent, certainly blows away other “trendy” chicken places I’ve been to recently including St Louis’s Old Standard Fried Chicken. Old school rules. Oh, those gizzards…I can eat those things forever…

Stroud’s (Fairway)
4200 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Fairway, Kansas


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