Review: Extra Virgin

8 June 2015

I revisited the chaos that is Southwest in getting me from Boise to Kansas City (via Denver). Another stupid, self-inflicted delay by Southwest…why do I subject myself to them? Ugh… I got to a rather hot but at least dry Kansas City (the region has been hit hard by floods recently).

After a long afternoon, I headed to Extra Virgin for dinner. Getting there was already a headache, thanks to the horrendous construction in downtown KCMO (I was staying in KCKS). But I found the restaurant and went to have a relaxing but good meal.

With a cocktail in hand I explored the menu — and it’s far from the ordinary, with a healthy amount of offal. I was looking forward to this meal! I ended up ordering quite a lot of food, but I can always take it with me. I chilled and enjoyed the cocktail before the first of the dishes arrived.


Mmm, nice pork cracklins. These were made very well, full of flavour — not like some places that create these tasteless puffs. Excellent. I switched to wine before the second dish came.

2-ear salad

Not an ordinary salad, but the arugula was graced with crispy fried pigs ears. Nice, but I wish there was more ear, and they went a little softer on the vinaigrette. Too overwhelming, and it made the too-finely-chopped pigs ears a bit soggy. They should make the pigs ears a snack instead.

In any case, with a bit more wine the third dish arrived, and this was a biggie (and the unexpected item), the duck tongue tacos.

3-duck tongue tacos

I was offered a half portion but this is one I can take with me later. I wish they made the tongue more prominent, but it seems too sauce-heavy. The shell was crumbling badly too. But overall a nice item, a good snack. Kudos for the adventurous use of duck tongues! Then for the last dish…

4-pasta morels

Mmm…morels with pasta. The sauce was a garlicky thing, so it went down nicely. I love morels, wish there was a little more of it. But a very good dish!

At this point I ordered one last glass of wine and asked for the tacos to be boxed, and I ordered a dessert of sorts — an order of deviled eggs.

5-deviled eggs

A bit too oily, that was not necessary, but a pretty good taste overall. I finished and headed out, knowing I need to fight this stupid traffic again… Overall a good meal, very edgy ideas. I like the offal offerings and the lack of compromise. Tightening up the execution a bit and this will be one of the very best restaurants in the Midwest.

And late at night you end up with even nuttier people, and I nearly got runover by a pick-up truck (with its headlights off!) driving down the wrong way of the heavily-coned downtown (I can see how he made mistake, but the lights?). That caused me to run up an unmarked curb, slightly damaging the hubcap of my rental car. Damn it…

Welcome to KCMO under construction…

Extra Virgin
1900 Main Street
Kansas City, Missouri


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