OKC Fail #1: Vast

9 May 2015

I made my way back to Oklahoma City after an excellent two days in Tulsa. Excellent dinner at Juniper, and a fabulous Rush show, and I was in an excellent mood. However, the adventure getting back in OKC, including an experience of the most ridiculous taxi service in the planet (OKC’s absolutely screwed up taxi industry is EXACTLY why Über has traction…) and the weather going nasty again — throw in another nasty hangover…

But I was hoping for all good when I headed out for dinner at Vast, one of the more talked about restaurants in OKC. It was on top of the Devon Tower on the 49th floor. I see a lot of people going there for events, so I assume this Saturday night will be rather busy there. I didn’t expect the slow service to start with the express lifts, which took ages to arrive…

I was taken to a side area, the “Lounge” as they call it, a much quieter area than most of the bustling restaurant (thank goodness), and I took the window seat, which had an excellent view of OKC.

panorama_from_Devon - 01

I hope I’m not paying for this view, as I have had mixed experiences with these top-of-skyscraper restaurants. Canoe in Toronto is perhaps the best of the lot, but there are some real shoddy ones that one pays for the view rather than the food or service.

Service was already shaky as it looks like 1 person was handling the entire section, and worse — she kept disappearing. The cocktail took over 15 minutes, and in the meantime the server just decided not to bring me a menu until I eventually waved her down and asked for it. Friendly but awful service. Bad start.

After another 15 minutes I waved her down again to place my order — even did my wine order now just to make sure it all timed out right. I am sensing this to be a trying evening, as good as this view was. And it happened just then when the amuse bouche arrived…


I asked her what it was, and she said she didn’t know… “It literally just came out,” she said… I asked if she could enquire. She comes back in a few minutes to tell me it was a braised beef thing. I am not beyond suspect not just of the service, but of the kitchen…

I waited for quite a long time before my starter arrived…and had to wait for another few minutes before my wine showed up…


I was like, huh? This was listed as roasted garlic gnocchi. This was one of the very worst dishes I’ve seen or eaten in 2015, and that’s saying a lot. The fried gnocchi was done terribly, it was soggy and not even hot. The parmesan was in a weird state somewhere between gooey and coagulated, something even material scientists may have trouble defining. And it all tasted just awful…and not hot. The wine was also a bit off, but with this FoH shitshow here I didn’t bother…

The red came out for my main course, but not my main course itself…for nearly half an hour. This is beyond a shitshow. It then finally arrived far after I have lost my patience with this place.


I have to admit these smoked lamb chops were tasty and done well, but by now it was so dark I couldn’t see my food, and I had completely lost patience with this staff. I even lost my desire to drink.

Then the kicker. They then brought out the…wait for it…bread. Yeah. Not before the starter. Not after the starter. Not before the main. But during the main. I finished off the lamb (again, it was actually tasty), and asked for my bill as soon as possible. I wanted to get the hell out of here…

From the time I asked for my bill to the time I got downstairs took another 20+ minutes. This was an extremely trying experience. And as a further insult, this place was stupid expensive for this shitty experience. I have no problem paying for a good dinner (as you can see from my many reviews), but this was just a joke.

I will say this “experience” at Vast was the very worst dining experience of 2015. Stay away from this place. You overpay for a good view, and get to see a FoH run by people who have no idea what hospitality or logistics means. The kitchen seems confused too. It’s a shame, because I see OKC has great talent (such as at Cheever’s Cafe and Ludivine) and restaurant functionality (again Ludivine). But this place is a total joke, and the good people of OKC should not have to shell out so much money to be treated this poorly.


333 West Sheridan Avenue
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


3 thoughts on “OKC Fail #1: Vast

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  2. melhuang1972,

    I’m sorry you did not have a great experience at Vast. We have been striving to make Vast the excellent dining experience it should be. I hope your readers realize we may fall short on a rare occasion. Thanks for your constructive criticism. We take reviews to heart and will act on the items you mentioned.

    Kurt Fleischfresser
    Director of Operations

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