Review: Libertine

3 May 2015

My first dinner in St Louis on a very, very busy Sunday, was destined to be at The Libertine, located in the suburb of Clayton slightly west of the centre. I was staying not far away, so it was an easy drive. That’s good, cuz for all the hiking I did today (yes, before you ask, at another cemetery, and it was 5 hours of very hilly terrain and I got a nice tan too) I needed to enjoy a good meal to soothe away all my aches.

It was not very busy this Sunday evening. The Libertine bills itself as a local, family friendly restaurant, and sure it was — and the joys of dining alone when there’s a loud child on the next table… In any case, a cocktail later and I chilled.

I ordered my food and they brought out some roasted chickpeas as a snack. Wee lacking in flavour but no biggie. I enjoyed my drink as the first course arrived, the pig tails.


Hmmm. I usually love pig tails, but one of my pet peeves is unnecessary saucing — and this time, the sauce I hate the most on this planet, buffalo sauce. I tried to wipe away as much as I could (as I had planned since I ordered it), but it was not really possible. The sauce just eats so much away from the food I could have been having wings. Utterly unnecessary. Oh well, my bad for ordering.

I switched to a rose and tried to tune off the noise around me as my foot and calves were still strained, before my next course arrived.


Hmmm. I usually love she-crab soup, but there’s a distinct bitterness to this version. Not a shellfish-based bitterness, but something I couldn’t really put my finger on. It also lacked strength, almost like a shy turtle soup you’d get in Charleston when they didn’t have enough turtle… The rolls on the side, with crab meat, was nice, but I wanted a she-crab soup that knocked me out. Oh well…

I ordered another wine waiting for my final course, which was a special of the day. It soon arrived, a bluefish from Boston.


Hmmm. I usually like fish like bluefish that has good oil but for some reason it didn’t do much for me. Part of it seemed overcooked, which really defeats the purpose of all that awesome fish oil. I am starting to sense the curse of the Sunday kitchen…

I was not blown away by this dinner at all, but I was talked into a dessert — a banana pudding.


Well, I wish there was more banana. That was nice, as was the gelato. But all that roasted meringue was not very edible after all this food. Probably not on an empty stomach too. Just kinda took the focus away from what was supposed to be a banana-centric dessert. This was nothing like what you’d expect from the menu description…

Oh well. I paid and got out of there and limped back to my car. Another long hike tomorrow, and this meal didn’t really help. Perhaps I ordered badly and got the Sunday evening curse, but sadly The Libertine did very little for me. Too bad, cuz Josh Galliano is a huge talent, but tonight? Sigh…

The Libertine
7929 Forsyth Blvd
Clayton, Missouri


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