Review #2: Hinaiya

27 (and 16 & 23) January 2015

Rather sad to be writing my last review (or is it “reviews”) of my Japan trip, but very happy it’s for what’s become my “regular” in Tokyo, the excellent chicken-specialist izakaya Hinaiya [比内や]. I found it during my trip last year as it is right next to the excellent Park Hotel Tokyo (highly recommended, with a top concierge team!) where I stayed (and will keep staying). That trip I was here twice; this trip, thrice.

They remembered me from last year as the guy that came in late for drinks and chicken treats, and I did that on 3 separate occasions this trip. The first was a quick stop supposedly only for a nightcap but I did succumb to a few skewers from heaven, after that amazing 2-Matsusaka dinner at Satou [サトウ] and the hot-as-hell craft beer night at Goodbeer Faucets. The second night was accidental as I had that fabulous eel dinner at Kabuto [かぶと] but was frustrated by a poor experience at Craft Beer Market. Lots of sake that night with some excellent skewers. And finally, the final night in Tokyo had to say my goodbyes after the somewhat frustrating dinner at Yukimura [幸村], and had plenty that night…last night, right?

Anyway, won’t do anything detailed as they repeat on each other, but these are my staples. They have a great selection of amazing Jidori free-range chicken as well as good vegetables, all grilled from behind the glass at the counter.


This is a pretty good picture of what my faves are here chicken-wise, the neck, skin, tail and gizzard. Amazing taste on these things! Ruin me for chicken back home!


Here is some asparagus with skin, which is crispy golden goodness!


Here’s a close-up of the neck, which is just fabulous. Don’t see this in the US often!


Here’s some peppers and awesome gingko nuts (love these things), as well as my favourite, the tail. A perfect blend of juicy and crispy, it’s like little morsels of heaven.

Aside from skewers they had a lot of stuff, and one day I will try their full chicken tasting course. Here are some other goodies I had.


The fried chicken is excellent, golden juicy and delicious to the last bite. And look at that gorgeous skin next to it…mmm…


And finally, this I only eat here, nowhere else. Chicken sashimi. I love this, but know it’s not something to have often. Just delicious, it tastes better than some bland fish sashimi…

I just love this place, from the sake to beer to local single malts I’ve had here. It’s all been good, and frankly it’s good to have a regular — even if it is half way across the world.

I’m gonna miss this place and Japan for the next 11.5 months I tells ya…

Hinaiya [比内や]
8-8-5, Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan


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