Review #2: Satou

16 January 2015

When I was planning the Tokyo portion of this Japan trip, I made a conscious decision to skip everywhere that I’ve been before, even the excellent Sushi Bar Yasuda. However, I made 2 exceptions — one being an izakaya near my hotel, and the other the fabulous steak restaurant Satou.

I returned to this excellent restaurant in the distant suburb of Kichijoji nearly a year after my initial visit, a visit that I still dream about. The beef here, the Matsusaka, is one of the most special beef you can ever try. The marbling is absolutely spectacular. I dreamt about seeing this beef again and here was my treat of today…


Oh yeah, what a beautiful piece of meat. My dinner. I enjoyed some wine and salad beforehand as they cooked this beautiful thing in front of me in this small eatery. And here we go!


Look at this thing, absolutely excellent. Just look at this thing!


Absolutely fantastic. I loved this dish so much and savoured every barely-necessary chew. The beef just melted in your mouth…


I was in 7th Heaven at this point and drank more wine as I finished the 180g beauty. Then a terrible idea came over me…why not? I’m only here once a year at the most, so…


Yep, I ordered another one. At ¥10,000 each it ain’t cheap, but I went for it… Utterly beautiful, this one was even more marbled — as chef picked out a special one for me. As I finished it, again savouring each bite, he actually applauded me. Now that’s awesome…

I headed out happily for the long ride back to the centre with a LOT of beef consumed. Wow, this was utterly a wonderful feasting experience, I just had to have another. Crazy, but it was worth it. Now for some craft beers in Shibuya…

Satou [サトウ]
1-1-8 Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino-shi
Tokyo, Japan


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