Review: Taxim

15 December 2014

On a still warmer-than-usual night I planned to head out of the Loop to a Greek place I’ve heard good buzz about, Taxim. Chicago already is one of the best places to eat Greek food, but I was told this place focuses more on harder-to-find regional items. The menu looked interesting, so I headed out on the Blue line.

Crap, I had forgotten that Damon Station was shut, so had to walk a bit. Unfortunately Damon’s temporary closure has affected business in the area, and the restaurant was rather empty this evening.

I sat in the back and enjoyed some good Greek wine. They have an excellent Greek wine list, some harder-to-find items in North America. I decided to order a few small plates to fully enjoy the different items on the menu.


The first dish was fried mussels on skewers. Not bad, the batter had a beer base. I do apologise for the photos as they are a bit edited for brightness as it was dark as Hades inside the place.


Next to grace the table was a sauteed watercress and chard dish, with a piece of halloumi. I love halloumi (as well as chard). This was the vegetable side for the evening. Not bad, but the halloumi probably could have been done more simply.


The third item, if hard to see, are actually grape-leaf-wrapped shrimp. Not bad, but the leaf was very strong. The pepper (in front) was very spicy and I needed a bit of wine to take this all down…


The last item was the lamb kebab. They did not have a few of my other wants, like the lamb offal, so this was their suggestion. Not bad, but rather ordinary.

By now I’ve collected quite a large number of pita and bread with enough tzatziki to kill a dozen people, so I slowly snacked on them while drinking more wine. Food was pretty good, but I wasn’t blown away.

I was talked into a dessert and a sweet Greek wine…


The boughatsa took a little time but the traditional custard pastry was a nice end to the evening. I switched to tsipouro and the pour was quite large…very nice…

I walked out feeling okay, as this place should have more custom. Wasn’t blown away by it, but a good place in the neighbourhood definitely. Definitely filled me up for my evening at Emporium Arcade Bar nearby, where I will be spending the next few hours drinking craft beers and playing all my childhood arcade games like Donkey Kong, Super Punch-Out, Spy Hunter, Joust and so many more — all on their original consoles. Felt 11 years old for a few hours, even with the beer in my hand…

1558 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois


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