Review: Cure

10 August 2014

After Cincinnati I made my way to Pittsburgh and stupid me I went and had a massive drink-a-thon on a totally empty stomach. The mammoth binge was pretty idiotic, I ran up a crazy bill and felt like death the next day…

Nevertheless it was my last day of this long roadtrip. It had already jumped the shark in Nashville, and I was just waiting to get home. This last insane binge, that beat all the sessions on this trip combined, was just the last straw… But for my last night I did crawl my way out and get to the most buzzed restaurant in town, Cure.

I cabbed out to Cure, which was a bit outside of downtown where I was based. Didn’t want to drive since I didn’t know the area well and heard parking was an utter nightmare in that area, so… Got there on time and took a seat at the chef’s counter.

Loud and energetic, you can see this place has plenty of buzz. This place is famous for its charcuterie so I began with the smaller plate of salumi (the larger being way too big for 1 person).


An interesting and visually striking selection, ranging from rilettes to ‘nduja, from ham to lardo. However, to be honest, the ‘nduja was a little lacking. The duck was the star of this selection. Lots of care in parts of this dish, some of it seems haphazard tho. Up next was my middle course, the corn agnolotti.


Hmmm…my first through was “was this the right dish?” At first glance you’d think it may be an enchilada. However, it was indeed agnolotti. Not sure I like this prep. The consistency of the agnolotti was almost like a hot pocket and the base was a bit confused with a chili oil slick (you can see on the photo) and sprinkling of corn. Quite a miss. Then came my main, the boudin noir


House-made, not bad, but was not a generous portion. It seem they just focused on the plating rather than the overall item. Not bad, but frankly a simple Blutwurst anywhere would have been more successful without the unnecessary production. And the side items are soaked in oil. And really, blood sausage with a green splat. Sigh…

I was going to get something to go but they said no on the items I had requested. I understand the issue of how it keeps, but there is an ego about this place since I walked in that just left me unimpressed. The front-of-house staff are great, but there is something about the back-of-house folks. A little too self-important maybe.

I left by cab and was glad this trip was over. Didn’t end the way I hoped or wanted. Cure is a good restaurant and maybe I was there during an off-night (Sunday), but seems to be damaged by its own hype — almost like Husk in Nashville and countless others that I have visited in the past few years driven by hype rather than by heads-down solid execution and crafting like at Seviche in Louisville and others.

Well, at least the trip ends the next day driving home. Finally.

5336 Butler Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


3 thoughts on “Review: Cure

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  2. That boudin noir looks like someone threw up on the plate. I wouldn’t want to eat something that looked like that.

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