Review: Satou

30 January 2014,

One of the missions I planned on this major trip is to have some of the best beef I can get my hands on, and that’s where the Tokyo trip played a key role. It was my last Asia stop. I was exhausted, having arrived from a very early morning flight out of Seoul as the exodus of people for the Lunar New Year began in all its nuttiness… Thank goodness my flight was Gimpo to Haneda, the 2 convenient airports…

I made sure I had a reservation to Satou before I even started on this trip. I have heard wonders about Matsusaka beef, and I had to have some whilst in Tokyo. Satou was a butcher and small steakhouse that specialised in this amazing beef, but was quite a long way from central Tokyo.

It was a hike from Shimbashi, where I was based, and it took me over an hour to get there by subway and commuter rail. Then I found the place and climbed up the impossibly steep stairs to the 2nd floor tiny, unassuming steakhouse. Wow, this is tiny, only 6 counter seats and 2 tables. They were expecting me…

I took my counter seat after dropping my coat into the basket under the seat — a very brilliant idea (place is too small for a coat rack), as the aroma of meat overwhelmed all senses (and attached to all clothing). The owner handed me the menu and just pointed at one thing, telling me it’s the best meat I’ll ever have.

I nodded and soon he returned with the meat I was to feast on for my dinner, a fabulous Matsusaka sirloin, quite sizeable at 200g as well…


Wow…just look at this thing. If you ever wondered about the amazing marbling, this is it… I was already drooling looking at this, to the approval of the boss.

They began prepping the beef by slicing off some of the fat to use as the base of cooking. As they also cooked up some veg (sprouts and enoki mushrooms), I was given a small salad to enjoy. Very typical Japanese salad, but it really got me salivating. Plus, it was the last time I had to chew all night…

The aroma of the cooking meat was amazing…I just wanted to jump over the counter to eat like an animal… And soon it was done, medium-rare, and I was ready to feast…


That first taste…oh my bloody goodness… No chewing required. This thing just melts in your mouth in a way that even a high-grade imported stuff cannot compare. The richness of the marbling just explains itself to you within seconds.

As I slowly ate my meat, my eyes were closed…I was told I was making “orgasm sounds” whilst eating. It sure felt like it… I will be honest by saying I have never had such delicious, decadent, rich and overwhelming beef like this in my life. You can see the richness from each piece…


I savoured each and every piece of this amazing beef, and slowly just pressed my jaw down on the meat and had it melt away in sheer exhilaration…wow…

Now I tried both red wine and beer with this dish, and I think it works best with beer. Wine really did not complement the richness of this beef for some reason. When I was done, I was still making strange noises…

The owner smiled at me as he took the plate away. The place was winding down so I had another beer and told him how good this was. It was cash-only, so thank goodness I had enough. Price was nowhere as bad as you’d imagine, the large amazing portion cost me exactly ten thousand yen (98 dollars, 72 euro, 60 quid).

I wandered out for my long trek back to central Tokyo. This first night’s dinner was worth this long trip, this crazy jetlag, just about anything. I have never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Now I’ve had 2 of the most amazing meals of my life in the last 2 nights, just as the trip was starting to wind down.

Oh, the memories…writing this review I have a tear slowly meandering down from my left eye…and a drool from my right lip…

Satou [サトウ]
1-1-8 Kichijoji-honcho, Musashino-shi
Tokyo, Japan


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