Review: Terra Vergine

14 January 2014

I was passing through London on an unexpected stop to start my “I’m totally burnt out” trip… I was going nuts post-move and decided to burn a crapload of my points to get myself to Asia for the first time in nearly a decade…so the next three weeks or so you’ll get crazy food stories from me! But at first, England.

Terra Vergina was my target this evening, as I was already in Chelsea near King’s Road. So I found the chic restaurant on a busy corner, and looked forward to some treats from Abruzzo. Not the most popular regional Italian cuisine, but Abruzzo has many wonderful culinary treasures that are now fully on show in London. This should be good.


For my starter I ordered one of the specials, scallops wrapped in coppa. Mmm, maybe wee salty was the coppa, but it was fantastic. Easy to eat with the skewer. Tasty. And of course my main course would be the arrosticini, the skewers of castrated lamb that is so loved in Abruzzo. Mmm, this is just fantastic…


It came in a cute pot and the aroma was just amazing…


These morsels of lamb were amazingly good. It’s unadulterated and uncompromising lamb, not the tasteless stuff you get in many supermarkets and restaurants. This is in-your-face lamb, charcoal grilled to perfection… Wow, these were awesome! I ordered a side of spinach too…


It was so good I finished the first 10, and ordered another 10! Fantastic things these arrosticini

After more drinks I headed out happy. Terra Vergine is a cool and fun place, with great food and friendly staff. Got a few free drinks from them too! If you are in Chelsea, check it out. If you aren’t, it’s worth the trip for these heavenly arrosticini!

Terra Vergine
442 King’s Road
London, England


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