Review: Slow Fish

Los Angeles,
19 November 2013

I had some extra time on Tuesday so decided to try a place I’ve heard a little about, Slow Fish. It’s one of the thousands of Asian-fusion/sushi places around the LA area, and not sure what really made it any different. But I saw the menu and decided to see if it works.

An unpretentious little place that seems to be popular with the lunch crowd, Slow Fish in LA (there’s another location on the beach) does what it does pretty well. I had several items from their “small plates” selection, and enjoyed a little midday wine.


First to arrive was the shishito peppers, done up a little more than usual with a spicy soy. I could have had it the usual way, but this was pretty good. Next was the star of the afternoon, the baby octopus.


These were delicious, fried just enough not to turn it into something non-octopus-like. Solid, wee spicy, didn’t need the ponzu. Excellent. Next were the mussels.


These broiled green mussels were pretty good, not too complex with a tinge of ponzu (which I usually don’t like). Nice. Next was the shrimp.


Called “volcanic” shrimp, these guys were nice and spicy, with an addition of jalapeño. They have a bite, especially if you (like me) eat the peppers, a nice close. But since I had a little more wine, I added a small sushi dessert…


The yellowtail belly was fantastic and rich, while the squid was not too stringy. Good pieces, generous slices. BTW there were 2 each but I ate one too quick so had to re-balance it for photo purposes! These featured black rice instead of normal rice — didn’t really work, a bit gimmicky.

Anyway, this wasn’t a bad lunch, a typical LA type of Asian place. The price was right, menu was solid, and the baby octopus was a real treat as was the yellowtail belly. One thing tho…the cute waitress wearing the tights was very, very distracting…very… :)))))

So mission lunch was successful, and Slow Fish did the job very well!

Slow Fish
5406 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California


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