Review: Royal China [Queensway]

16 September 2013

I apologise for going backwards on my reviews, but when I found the pictures I had to write this review. It fell into a neglected folder because of the dramas of the day, which was dramatic to say the least — and not in a good way.

I had woken up early in the morning across the ocean and boarded a flight in the early AM in Newark. As I was in the middle of writing a tweet, my ex-gf walks past me down the aisle of the same plane…that really threw me… The dictionary definition of WTF… I didn’t know at the time but she didn’t see me. But that threw me in a major funk all flight, and I barely ate…and oddly, barely drank… Was just zonked…

When I arrived at Heathrow I headed out as quickly as I can to prevent an accidental sighting and I was off by the Express to Paddington. Got to my hotel near Bayswater and was hungry, trying to forget the surreal flight I’ve had. But it was late, and I didn’t want to go too far so I walked into an old familiar, Royal China on Queensway.

Funny, when I lived nearby up the road near Royal Oak Tube, I never came here. It really became a standard since using some of the hotels (Hilton, Doubletree) nearby, and it’s always been reliable — dine-in or take-away. This time I chose to dine in, as it was a quiet late night.

I relaxed in a quiet corner, where no one can bother me…where there’s no chance of my ex walking in…with a large glass of wine in hand. On this they have improved…years ago they would not bring the correct wine until about the 3rd try. I relaxed and tried not to think…

I ordered two starters as I was hungry. The first was a small one, two braised sea cucumbers.


I love sea cucumber, and this was just a nice little snack. Chewy with the sauce, very nice. My second starter, more substantial, was the salt and pepper fried mushrooms.


With a large meal coming I didn’t want a meaty deep-fried starter. Nice flavour, what you’d expect in a salt-and-pepper fry dish. Solid.

With more wine, now drinking with a little pace, I was to enjoy my dual main course. I could always take these away, so I happily ordered two. The first was the steamed minced pork with preserved egg yolk.


This is one of my favourite dishes and Royal China does it better than most places. The saltiness of the strips of yolk meshes well with the mince. Delicious. My second main is the lamb belly hotpot.


Now this was also excellent, with a rich lamb flavour that’s not restrained. The bean curd sheets help absorb the richness, and this — together with the pork — worked easily with a small order of plain rice.

Now thanks to not eating since the previous evening back in the US, I was ravenous. The wine helped me to finish all four dishes somehow (though I ate only a little of the rice…how un-chinese…). I was full and finally relaxed…

I headed out happy to be “home” in London, my old hood, the memories of what happened this morning dissipating somewhat. But I got a message from her, a reply of saying I saw her this morning, with her saying she had no idea what I was talking about…

I became so distracted as I walked out. And knowing Sod’s Law…I walked the pavement of Queensway like the thousands of times I have in the past and for once I stepped on a dodgy bit that sank/broke near one of the buildings close to the tube…and went down. The left ankle twisted badly when it fell through the broken pavement, and I landed hard on my right lower leg…

Ouch. Lucky I have such a high threshold for pain… Looking at my ankle and the hole in the pavement, the shopkeeper — who saw it, proclaimed it a council issue and not his shop. Well, it was both, but the part that sank (opened up) was council. And from my previous experience with Westminster Council I wouldn’t get any resolution this evening…ugh…

I limped my way to my hotel to see my left ankle about the size of a grapefruit and my right tibia severely banged up and swelling… Oh, what a great start to my relaxing birthday trip… I can’t blame the email for distracting me, I should have been more careful. But it just sums up how this trip began…

Frankly if it wasn’t for the fine food tonight it would have been a total loss…

Royal China
13 Queensway
London, England

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